i havent really drawn in a few days because i’ve been busy getting organized (i hear adults say this all the time so i hope i sound like i got my shit together) this is my favourite drawing in my very bad sketchbooki feel like the little horse with the sunglasses that looks a little angry and constipated compared to the beautiful stallion below but the two horses are still special and cute in their own way and i think the moral of the story is that if you have a nice pair of sunglasses you should wear them as much as possible



hello everyone i just got told i am B-level charming and i will take that as a compliment
can u ask me interesting questions ? i’m drunk

vegtble asked: r u from ny? u live in ny right?

i lived in nyc for almost a year and a half but i live in oakland now

number-xxvi asked: What's your next hair experiment gunna be like?✨

probably dark blue or black again


this is from the first time i ever met cheyenne and i don’t remember what we did but i rmeember feeling good about it but i remember having to leave before i wanted to i dont remember why or where or how or what but i rmember thinking damn i wish i had more time to hang out with cheyenne

i remember! we met at kyle’s art show and drank beer and i sat in front of u and flipped through the pages of an art book i had just bought and that’s all i remember from that night but then the next day we got breakfast at blue monday’s with james and i wore that shirt again oh yea this was during the week i decided it’d be cool to wear non-functional glasses too. also at some point u came over to the really gross apartment i was living in and my roommate’s friend harassed us. i’m not sure if those were separate times or not though
i want him to photo me